Windows: How to enable remote connections

Let’s say you have a windows pc in the same network and you would like to remote connect to it from another computer.

First you must know that by default remote connections are disabled and if you wish to get advantage of it you must enable it yourself.

Here are the steps you must perform:

  1. If you don’t have a password to your admin user you must create one (check users accounts in your settings panel)
  2. Once you have done that you must click the start button, look for “Computer”, right-click it and go to settings.
  3. Choose “Advanced System settings”
  4. “Remote” tab
  5. “Allow remote connections to this computer”
  6. “Select users”
  7. “Add”
  8. “Advanced”
  9. “Find Now”
  10. Select the user(s) account(s) that you want to use to connect to your PC remotely. Only those will be authorized to connect so, pick the right one!

After confirm all the changes all you need to do is go your other PC, the one you which to use to remote connect, and open “Remote Desktop Connection”.

Type the IP or hostname for the machine we will be connecting too. It will prompt for the user and password.

Type the username that you choose before and it’s password.

Enjoy your remote connection.

For mac users: You can download “Microsoft Remote Desktop” and do the same thing.

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