(Android) When Cordova builds suddenly start failing

I had to install a new plugin but in order to start fresh, I removed my platform/android folder and did run cordova prepare android . Without realising it, cordova-android when from version 10 to 8 causing the following side effects:

Incompatible JDK (11 installed) but 1.8 is expected

First thing that caught me was the following error:
cordova prepare android`
Requirements check failed for JDK 8 ('1.8.*')! Detected version: 11.0.2
Everything was working fine. What’s going wrong? I did downgrade to JDK 8 using sdkman.
sdk install java 8.0.302-zulu
It worked, but then the problem was something else. JDK version was incompatible with gradle 8.

JDK 8 is incompatible with gradle 8

Ok, this is too weird right? I must have done something wrong… That’s when I noticed the cordova-android@8 installed. I couldn’t believe -.-‘.

Fixing things up

$ sdk install java 11.0.19-zulu 
$ sdk default java 11.0.19-zulu

# SDK 11 is the required version for platform android@10
# see more here: 
#   https://cordova.apache.org/announcements/2021/07/20/cordova-android-10.0.0.html

# Now remove the cordova platform 
$ cordova platform rm android

# Now add the cordova platform with correct version
$ cordova platform add cordova-android@11

$ cordova run android --device 
# And that it. Everything is now working.

Bonus tip:

In cordova-android@10 there’s a new variable allowing you to have a dedicated JAVA_HOME for cordova apps. CORDOVA_JAVA_HOME

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