How much does it cost to power your eletronic device?

If you are reading this article that’s because you want a quick answer. Let’s go straight to it.

How much as Kw/h costs in your region? Power is priced in Kw/h. Get that information and come back or continue reading. I’ll be using the price from my region which is actually 0,1 450 €.

1Kw = 1000 W

1Kw = which is 3.6 million joules of energy.

1Kw can also be represented as 1KVa

Now, let’s use a 2015 Macbook 15 inch Model as an example.

According to google it uses 87 Watt (well they watts per hour).

How many Kw/h consumes a mac book?

(87 / 1000) = 0.087 Kw/h

Price/h = 0.087 * 0.1450 = 0.012615€


If we leave our laptop on 24 over 365 days

0.012615 *24*365 = 110.50€

Laptops and smartphones require lower power. Eletrodomestic devices are a little bit more expensier.


PS4 Use case

Here’s another example from PS4.

(165 / 1000) * 0.1450 = 0.023925 (aprox 2cents per hour).

Hope it helps.

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